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2010 -  
Installation of the biggest billboard in Africa
2006 -  
Introduced unique light boxes and gantry in Abuja.
2005 -
Developed gantry sites in Lagos.
2001 -    1st to introduce the Backlit Standalone
2000 -    1st to develop Backlit Spectacular billboards
1998 -    1st to introduce the three-sided Unipole Spectacular
1997-    1st to introduce the two-sided Unipole Spectacular board.
1994-    1st to introduce the imposing and visibly effective Multi-pole spectacular board.
1993-    1st with sites on the Abuja International Airport route.
1992 -    1st to design all-steel billboard panels.
1st to introduce computer (advertising) flexi/vinyl
1st to introduce inflatable replica of a product.
1991 -    Introduced prisma vision and inflatable balloons for events marketing.
1990-      Introduced Rooftop and high-rise advertising using computer painted flexible faces.
1984-89 - Developed strategically located 40 sheet, 16 sheet and Street Sign panels nationwide.  


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