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Outdoor advertising is essentially a mode of marketing communication whereby Advertisers are able to relay marketing information to prospective consumers by way of display once they are outside the four walls of their homes.

Outdoor advertising involves the development and maintenance of strategically located display panels which provides optimal visibility to vehicular and human traffic. Outdoor companies normally invest huge sums of money to develop a network of display sites and panels which are then leased out to advertisers through advertising agencies or directly for a specific period of time. Once the tenor of a particular advertiser expires at any given location, the outdoor advertising company may lease out the same spot to any other interested client.

The cost of investment in outdoor advertising business is usually recovered over a couple of years after which the investor is expected to start making substantial gains on the sites.

The sole rights for regulating the practice of outdoor advertising are vested in the Local Government Councils nationwide while professional ethics are regulated by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria – APCON established under decree No55 of 1988. The umbrella body that coordinates and organises the activities of Outdoor Advertising Companies in Nigeria is called the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN).

OAAN is one of the sectoral bodies under APCON.


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