With over two decades of experience, Dipo Awopeju is a seasoned expert in driving financial excellence and catalyzing business growth. He is an experienced and result-driven professional focused on providing direction to help drive growth and achievement of business goals.


An assiduous Accountant, keen on business process improvement to support the company in accomplishing both financial and non-financial goals, Dipo has proven success in driving operational efficiency and maintenance of full business processes with proper planning and controls. He orchestrated a game-changing ERP system implementation for a media agency, revolutionizing operations and boosting overall performance. Spearheading the integration of a functional ERP tool for a construction giant, he optimized project management and streamlined business processes from end to end.


He has worked as part of a Business Unit with the finance department to manage

diverse financial functions, reporting, tax management, and annual audits. He has also demonstrated capacity as a determined and dependable leader integrating cross-functional inter-departmental tasks to meet targets.


Dipo’s magic touch ranges from financial analysis to reporting, dissecting complex financial data, crafting insightful reports, and providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making. In addition to his prowess in financial analysis, Dipo is skilled in budgeting and forecasting. He is adept at creating and managing budgets, forecasting financial outcomes, risk management with robust controls and strategies to safeguard organizational assets, and implementing cost-saving strategies to boost operational efficiency.


Additionally, Dipo is deeply involved in  process optimization as well as  streamlining financial workflows, optimizing processes, and introducing automation to enhance productivity and reduce costs. His strategic initiatives have led to a significant 15%-20% reduction in annual operating costs, aligning seamlessly with leadership’s financial targets.


He has consistently driven annual finance and other income growth by an average of 15%, showcasing his flair for revenue enhancement. He works closely with executive management on business strategies to deliver 100% of the company annual objectives.


Dipo Awopeju presently serves as the Chief Finance Officer at Optimum Exposures Limited.

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