Jide Sanni is an accomplished professional serving as the Head of Technical Operations at Optimum Exposures. With over a decade of experience in IT infrastructure management and Operations Management, Jide is a seasoned expert in his field.


His academic background includes a Master’s in Business Administration, complemented by a solid Electrical and Electronics Engineering foundation.

This unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight equips Jide to excel in his role, driving innovation and efficiency within his team.


Throughout his over 18-year tenure in the media industry, Jide has consistently demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities, successfully managing teams and projects and achieving key objectives.

His dedication to excellence and commitment to professional growth are evident in his membership in the Advertising Regulatory Council Of Nigeria (ARCON).


Jide’s professional journey is a testament to his passion for technology, business, and media, making him a valuable asset to Optimum Exposures and the industry at large.

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