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The general scope of operations of an outdoor advertising company is to select, erect and service billboards at various locations as agreed with the clients. The responsibility of selecting ensures that the locations are strategic and viable for the audience being targeted. The placement of the billboard is a configuration of its size and the existing environmental features. Usually, the visual attraction of the billboard in terms of their aesthetic values should greatly enhance the beauty of the urban scene. The erection of such boards normally will not pose any immediate or future problems to the drainage network nor encroach on the walkway (s), public safety and transportation.

The billboards are inspected and serviced every month to ensure that billboard structure and posters are sparkling


The client of an outdoor advertising company could either be an advertising agency or a manufacturing company or marketing company as the case may be. The client rents a billboard from the outdoor advertising company for a specific period of time, usually one year. This rental contract is normally renewed at expiration. Rental rates for conventional outdoor advertising billboards such as 40 sheet, 16 sheet, bulletin boards, street directional signs and 4 sheet are usually determined and regulated by the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN).

The rental rates for unique billboards designed and introduced by an individual company within the association are usually determined by the company that introduces such unique boards e.g. – Optimum Exposures introduced the “Spectaculars” and the rental rates are determined by Optimum Exposures only.


All clients are obliged to pre-pay the rental fees for 40 sheet all-steel billboards and unique billboard sizes developed by individual companies. Other conventional billboard sizes like 16 sheet, 4 sheet, 8 sheet etc are usually paid for on a monthly basis.

A credit period of between 30 and 45 days is usually granted to clients especially advertising agencies who act as intermediaries. Direct client on the other hand are given about 30days credit period.




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